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Edel-Prom – Your lifelong partner for auto glass!

Sales of auto glass

Within the Edel-Prom center is the largest auto glass warehouse in Macedonia. We have over 25000+ auto glasses in stock for all types of motor vehicles (passenger and cargo) that are in use on our roads.
In addition to the fact that Edel-Prom does retail, we also supply most of the service centers and car dealerships in Macedonia and beyond. We are always open to cooperation and if you are interested in partnering with us, your call is always welcome.
We are always open to cooperation and if you are interested in partnering with us, your call is always welcome.
Auto glass from Edel-Prom is always certified and of the highest global standard!

Installation of auto glass

When your vehicle’s auto glass is cracked and you need it replaced, it needs to be done quickly and professionally.
Your auto glass not only protects you from the weather, debris, and dust, but it will also keep you safe in the event of a rollover or collision with another vehicle.
If the auto glass of your vehicle is seriously damaged, it is essential to be sure that qualified professionals will take care of it properly, so that it is professionally replaced.
All of our technicians are qualified to the highest standards to ensure your auto glass replacement is up to your satisfaction.
Our main goal is to serve our customers professionally and quickly, with the highest quality.
Changing your auto glass usually takes about an hour, because the materials used for the installation are always of the highest quality.
We pride ourselves on the most professional auto glass repair technicians.
Our team of 10 technicians has been operating for more than 30 years and is always prepared for any type of challenge.

Sales of tools and materials for the installation of auto glass

As a supplier with a wide range, we offer all mounting parts, tools, adhesives, rubber moldings, and sensor technology. Edel-Prom is your lifelong partner for auto glass accessories and materials of the highest quality.

Repairs of damaged auto glass

At any time of the year, a small crack in the windshield can develop even further, thus requiring a replacement.
We always aim to repair the crack, rather than replace the windshield.
Repairs are carried out to the highest standards, so it is always best to call us as soon as you notice a crack in your windshield.
The repair only takes an hour!
The durability and visibility of your auto glass are restored, making the damage less noticeable.
In these situations, changing the auto glass is avoided, which lowers the costs of repairs.

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